Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our family has grown!

As cliched as it sounds, we're now a complete family! Our little man arrived in September this past year and we're over-the-moon chuffed! Quite a happy little coincidence that both our babies are September babies. Hubby darling was even hoping they'd share their birthdays. Unfortunately, I ended up having Gestational Diabetes this time and had to have a scheduled Cesarean. But it all turned out pretty well in the end as our latest little bundle of joy arrived on our wedding anniversary. Sweet eh?

A two-year gap, we thought, would work well for us (and for the little ones!). We were told warned by a couple of our friends, who've also had children (almost) back-to-back, that the initial years will be quite challenging. Almost five months in and we totally agree! Having two little ones in nappies is not really a party, BUT it also means double the laughter, double the love, double the joy.

I have to say though, we're much relaxed parents this time around. I mean, the thought of ringing the hospital and asking them to take my wailing baby back never crossed my mind with this little guy, ha! Well actually that could also be because he's been quite a happy little boy right from the time he arrived. Still, I'm a much calmer, more confident mamma. I do have my moments, but I bounce right back :-)

So anyway, I hope I'll be able to blog here more often, now that I'll have plenty more experiences to share (wink) I do have some posts in mind and will be back soon.
Until then, stay happy, stay blessed!