Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hey there! Welcome to my blog! Please make yourself a cup of coffee (or chai) and sit back. If you're a mamma, that would be music to your ears, no? :)

I'm a (fairly) new, first-time mom, living overseas. Now, if you're the sort to read between the lines, that should tell you heaps already! Not really? Well then, simply said, I'm a mommy that pretty much wings it most of the time, but also makes calls (sometimes frantic) to get much needed advice from folks back home, sometimes reads up parenting books and also looks up Google (although I don't do that much these days, more about that another day!). And I often say to myself,'God! The things I'm learning along the way!' So I thought it'd be nice to journal everything - the joys, the precious lessons learnt, the frustration, the excitement, the anxiety, the happiness, the relief - everything that is one giant ball of I-don't-know-what-not called parenthood.

Here I'll share things that are typically mother material, hopefully regularly (and if I can manage to sit in one place for more than 5 minutes). You see I have an active toddler who's at the peak of taste-anything-you-find-on-the-floor phase! A toddler, shouldn't she be past that stage by now? Yeah I thought some people might say that, but that is one of the many many lessons I've learnt so far - every baby is different! And mine seems to be enjoying that phase currently.

I don't have the luxury of hiring domestic help to do household chores, I don't have half a dozen aunties 'n' uncles and friendly next-door neighbours who'd mind my baby while I do my nails (err...or cook) and our loving (and wise and experienced) parents don't live here. So I'm pretty much on my own! Wait, that's not entirely true; I have my darling, most caring, understanding and supportive husby, and together, we weave tales of parenthood every day! Tales of an NRI Mamma (and Dad).

So do come back again (and again). And I hope that in this attempt I'd also help out other new mommies out there. If not, at least come back to read and have a laugh (or a few tears of joy), or maybe bookmark some of the stuff for the future, or if you're more senior in the parenting realm you could come back to read and go, 'Ha-ha, been there, done that!'

I do have one big fat disclaimer - This is by no means any professional or medical guide. So please don't hold anything against me! It's all about sharing, exchanging and motivating you to go on with the beautiful journey of motherhood. And that's all there is to it. Anything you do based on what you read here must be strongly backed by common sense, logic and based entirely on your specific, individual situation. 

And with that icky bit (but sort of an important bit) done, let's get to know each other? And hopefully build some great friendships along the way :)

Be back soon!
Meanwhile, give your baby (or babies) lots of cuddles!